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Enduroflex Standard Quartz

Enduroflex Standard Quartz is used to create a hard wearing antiskid surface, or alkaline protection layer above the primary liquid applied waterproof coating

Enduroflex Standard Quartz comprises a black and light grey granule mix of kiln dried silica granules of diameter 0.4 to 0.8 mm. Enduroflex Standard Quartz is supplied in a 25 kg bag.

Technical Characteristics
Packaging: 25kg bag
Appearance: Granules
Colour: Mix of black and light grey
Coverage Rate (typical): 2.5kg per m²


Instructions for Use

Substrate Preparation

Enduroflex Standard Quartz is used in the optional finishing coat which is applied on top of a dry Enduroflex liquid applied waterproofing system.


Once the waterproofing membrane is cured throughout (trafficable), apply a very small coat of Enduroflex resin (0.3kg/m²). Spray Enduroflex Standard Quartz by hand in excess on top of the wet resin. Once dried, sweep the excess of granules and add two coats (0.5kg/m² in total) of transparent lacquer, Enduroflex WearCoat Clear, to encapsulate the quartz granules.

Note: the excess granules collected can be re-used

ETE / CE marking

Enduroflex Liquid Applied Waterproofing system has been evaluated against ETAG 005 as certified in European Technical Evaluation document (ETE 015/0089), which provide CE marking for the Enduroflex product range.


Keep bags in dry areas. 

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