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Enduroflex Liquid Waterproof Coating

Enduroflex Liquid Waterproofing System is suitable for use as an exposed membrane in both new and refurbishment projects, particularly where traditional methods of waterproofing may prove difficult.

It is intended for use where limited foot traffic is anticipated, but may also be used in conjunction with the Enduroflex anti-skid walkway system on projects involving more heavily trafficked areas, such as access routes, for example.

Enduroflex Liquid Waterproofing Coating is a single component polyurethane based, moisture curing coating applied in multiple layers in conjunction with a Sealoflex polyester reinforcing fleece. The coating is vapour permeable, and suitable for use on both new and remedial projects. Enduroflex Liquid Waterproofing Coating is available in a mid-grey colour or white, and is supplied in 4 litre and 15 litre tins.

Technical Characteristics
Pack Size: 4 litre and 15 litre containers
Form: Liquid
Colour: Grey or White
Density 1.5 kg/L
Application Temperature:

0° to 40° C (ambient)

Coverage Rate (typical): 3kg/m2
Total System Thickness:

2 to 2.5mm

Drying TIme (Touch Dry / skin formation): 30 min (at 23°C and 50% RH)
Trafficable: 6 to 12 h (at 23°C and 50% RH)
Full Cure: 21 days (at 23°C and 50% RH)
SRI-Solar Reflectance Index (ASTM 1980): 104 (white product) 
Shelf life: 12 months if unopened between 5°C & 32˚C.
Do Not Allow To Freeze


Instructions For Use

Substrate Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry and free of frost, dust, debris, oil or grease or any material which would hinder adhesion.

Apply Sealoflex Aluminum Tape™ over all board joints such as plywood and insulation boards.


Enduroflex Primers, only where required, improve adhesion of the waterproofing system to the substrate. It is important that the substrate is suitably prepared prior to application of the Enduroflex System.

  • Enduroflex EP1 Primer for PVC and wood
  • Enduroflex Acrylic Primer for bitumen and mastic asphalt

Primers are not required for application on concrete, metal, glass, ceramic.


The Enduroflex System is applied ‘wet-on-wet’ allowing full membrane application in a single process.

Once opened stir Enduroflex liquid waterproofing coating thoroughly. Be careful not to over stir the coating as over stirring can introduce air to the coating. Allow to settle for 5 minutes if air bubbles are visible within the coating. Where the consistency of the coating appears thick, place the container into a larger bucket of hot water (raising the temperature of the coating will improve viscosity).

Start by covering all flashings, details and penetrations before working on the main horizontal surface of the roof.

Apply a base coat of Enduroflex to the surface with brush, foam roller or sprayer. Immediately embed the reinforcing fabric into the base layer using a dry brush or roller, avoiding formation of wrinkles or bubbles. Immediately follow with a generous saturation coat of Enduroflex to fully saturate the fabric from above. Allow to cure.

Roll out evenly until complete saturation is achieved. Ensure the overlap areas (above and below the overlapping fabric) are fully saturated to maintain continuity of the waterproofing system. Overlaps in the reinforcing fabric should be a minimum 7.5 cm.

Do not apply over frozen matter.
For optimal ease of application, the Enduroflex Liquid Coating should be above 12 °C

ETE / CE marking

Enduroflex Liquid Applied Waterproofing system has been evaluated against ETAG 005 as certified in European Technical Evaluation document (ETE 015/0089), which provide CE marking for the Enduroflex product range.


Read the MSDS sheet on Enduroflex carefully before application.

Avoid contact with eyes and skin. If eyes become contaminated, seek medical attention immediately. If ingested, do not induce vomiting and seek medical attention immediately.


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