Enduroflex™ Liquid Applied Waterproofing System

Enduroflex Waterproofing System 
1 Enduroflex™ Coating (Top Coat)   4 Enduroflex™ Primer (when required)
2 Sealoflex Reinforcing Fabric   5 Substrate
3 Enduroflex™ Coating (Embedment Coat)  



 Standard System  Premium System
 Thickness  1.2 to 1.4mm  2.0 to 2.5mm
 Reinforcing Fabric  Standard (110 g/m²)  Premium (165 g/m²)
 Coverage Rate  1.8 kg/m²  3 kg/m²


System Components and Accessories

The membrane system comprises of a very simple product range including:


Enduroflex Primers, only where required, improve adhesion of the waterproofing system to the substrate. It is important that the substrate is suitably prepared prior to application of the Enduroflex System.

  • Enduroflex EP1 Primer for PVC and wood
  • Enduroflex Acrylic Primer for bituminous membrane
  • Epoxy Primer for wet concrete

Primers are not required for application on metal, glass, ceramic and dry concrete.

Waterproofing Coating:

Enduroflex waterproofing coating is a single component, fast curing liquid waterproof coating, which is applied in a “wet-on-wet” application. Since the Enduroflex liquid waterproofing system is applied in a single operation, it allows the installation to be completed reliably and quickly, providing substantial cost-savings on labour.

Reinforcing Fabric:

Sealoflex and Sealoflex Premium Reinforcing Fabric regulates coating thickness, and provides the system with its strength and robustness. Two fabrics of different thickness are available, 110 g/m² (standard) and 165g/m² (Premium), both nonwoven polyester, in two different widths: 30cm and 1m.

 Component  Roll Size Roll Weight

 Enduroflex Waterproof Coating 4L or 15L 1.8 (standard)
3 (premium)
 Enduroflex EP1 Primer 4L 0.2 
 Enduroflex Acrylic Primer 4L  0.3 
 Sealoflex Reinforcing Fabric 110g/m² 1m or 30cm wide  -   
 Sealoflex Premium Reinforcing Fabric 165g/m² 1m or 30cm wide   -  



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