External Corner Flashing



Fold a strip of reinforcing fabric and cut the lower part half way through the middle (similar to the piece prepared for the inside corner).

Cut a second strip in L-shape to cover the horizontal part, ensuring a minimum of 50 to 70 cm overlap.

Enduroflex Flashing External Corner

Apply masking tape to ensure a neat finish is achieved.

Apply Enduroflex waterproofing coating to the vertical and horizontal parts of the corner.

Press the fabric, starting from the angle and adjusting the vertical parts first to ensure alignment. Then, adjust the horizontal parts. Cover with a 2nd coat of Enduroflex coating.

Enduroflex Flashing External Corner

Apply the second strip (L-shape), covering the remaining part of the angle.

Make sure there is sufficient resin in the overlap section.

Cover with Enduroflex waterproofing coating.

Note: Rectangular penetration are done with the same process.

Enduroflex Flashing External Corner


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