Icopal Enduroflex™ Liquid Applied Wateproofing System

Enduroflex™ Liquid Applied Wateproofing System

Enduroflex™ liquid waterproofing membrane is the latest innovation in liquid roofing technology combining the benefits associated with the absence of solvent and low odour in the product, together with ease of installation for the applicator, as the system can be applied in a single step on a wide range of substrates in very varied climate conditions.

The Enduroflex liquid waterproofing system is a solvent free, single component liquid product incorporating moisture triggered curing technology. Applied in two layers in conjunction with a polyester reinforcing fabric, it forms a fully adhered monolithic roofing membrane that is vapour permeable, and suitable for use on both new and refurbishment projects

Enduroflex™ is a liquid applied waterproofing system that eliminates many of the challenges faced, to provide a product which is very practical to use and ticks all the boxes.

User Friendly Benefits

TickSolvent Free Technology

TickSingle Component Technology 

TickIsocyanate Free 

TickVery low odour

TickNon Flammable


TickUsable at low temperature

TickMay be applied to damp surfaces

TickEarly rain resistance

TickComplete system installs in a single
operation (“Wet-on-wet” application)



Enduroflex™ is an extremely versatile product which can be used for flat roof applications of all shapes and sizes, ranging from small domestic to large commercial projects.

Installed directly to new roof surfaces or existing waterproofing systems, Enduroflex cures to form a completely seamless, durable and flexible surface that can tolerate normal building movement and foot traffic. 

 System Installation Guide    

System Components

The Enduroflex™ System comprises of a very simple product range involving, primers, liquid coatings reinforcing fabrics, and walkway accessories.

Enduroflex System Components  

No accelerants or inhibitors are required to aid the curing process – the coating is applied directly from the tin. 

Furthermore, opened tins of coating or primer can be resealed allowing unused material to be utilised at a later date – Enduroflex™ is the ideal product to have in the van should a problem leak require an emergency repair!

Ease of Application

Enduroflex is a single component system - no accelerators or catalysts are required to aid the curing process - the coating is applied directly from the can. The complete system installs in a
single operation called “wet-on-wet” where a layer of fabric is applied between two layers of coating.

Additionally Enduroflex is able to cure at temperatures as low as 0°C where frozen matter is not present on the surface, providing a wide range of application temperature for the installer.

Early Rain Resistance

The Enduroflex liquid coating is weatherproof in approximately 30 minutes* and can receive foot traffic after 6 to 12 hours. Full curing typically takes up to 21 days.

* Drying time may vary depending on climatic conditions / data quoted refer to laboratory conditions (23ºC/50%RH).

Excellent Properties

Enduroflex displays excellent properties which include resistance to ponding water, UV and ozone resistance and good vapour transmission.

Environmentally Friendly

Enduroflex is manufactured completely solvent free and does not contain any volatile organic compounds. As a result, there is no risk associated with unpleasant odours that can make installation uncomfortable for the installer and the client.

Enduroflex is also non-flammable making transport and handling simple and cost effective.


As standard, Enduroflex is manufactured with a grey or white colour finish, which when fully cured has a matt appearance.

Where necessary, an anti-skid walkway finish incorporating coloured quartz sand is available.

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