Liquid Applied Waterproofing - Properties and Benefits

Liquid Applied Waterproofing - Properties and Benefits

Liquid Applied Waterproofing (L.A.W.) products represent one of the pillar building Icopal’s strategy to be a multi material waterproofing group with focus on bitumen, synthetics and liquid applied products and services. L.A.W. are based on resins which are directly applied in cold liquid form directly on the roof substrate to form a fully bonded seamless waterproofing membrane, produced in situ.

Quality above all

Icopal, with its vision of being the world reference in waterproofing technology, is committed to the quality of liquid roofing and waterproofing materials. We do our best to exceed the expectations of our customers and make sure that stringent quality control policy is followed to provide long-term performance solutions. Icopal Liquid applied waterproofing systems are certified through the European Technical Evaluation (ETE) process based on ETAG 005 reference document.

Properties of L.A.W. product Benefits of L.A.W. Products

The liquid applied waterproofing coating is applied in cold liquid form

No open flame
Once cured, the membrane is seamless

No joints, no seams
(N.B. for coating only; reinforcing fabric, when used, will have joints)

The membrane is fully adhered onto the substrate

No mechanical fixing or welding
Liquid resins can easily adapt to complex details

Time saving / Ease of application.

Total weight of the waterproofing system is low Limited additional weight to the building structure and minimised construction height
Elasticity The membrane will absorb structural movements and compensate for temperature-based expansion or shrinkage.
Flexible (small) Packaging Small buckets can easily be brought on a roof
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