Types Of Liquid Applied Waterproofing Systems

Types of Liquid Applied Systems

Icopal offers a wide range of liquid applied waterproofing systems suitable for almost all types of roofs - from simple shape and small size to large surfaces and roofs with complex structure, multiple details, penetrations, etc.

Each system’s chemical composition has its own merits and in the full range of our liquid systems you will find those which are perfect for quick, cost effective and easy repairs, more complicated roof renovations or ideally suitable for new build residential or commercial roofs. Each product formulation was carefully developed on the basis of extensive research and experience, bearing in mind the needs of all our customers living in different climatic zones and having various requirements with regards to their specific projects.

The current range of technologies developed by our R&D experts includes:

  • Water-based acrylic
  • Polyurethane one component (PUR-1K)
  • Polyurethane two component (PUR-2K)
  • PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)
  • Silane terminated moisture curing Technology

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  • Water-based Acrylic

    Water-based acrylic technology combines cost effective and environmentally friendly benefits.

    Features & Benefits

    • Non-hazardous product (water based technology)
    • One component system
    • Cost effective


    What Is Water-based Acrylic?

    Water-based acrylic is a non-hazardous single component system which has been used for roofing and waterproofing applications for over 30 years.

    Over the last three decades water-based acrylic coatings have proven to be the most cost effective liquid waterproofing systems that meet the performance expectations and end user preferences of environmentally friendly solutions. The water-base acrylic coating, when properly installed, provides a totally watertight protection of the substrate.

    Water-based Acrylic Application

    As a non- hazardous product developed on water-based technology it is a response to health concerns of roofers applying the system and building occupants who do not need to be exposed to solvent related risks.

    Due to their characteristics, water-based acrylic systems are most suitable for installation on roofs during warm weather periods. Once applied, the water from the coating needs to evaporate during the curing process.

    The systems can be applied by airless spray, air-assisted spraying, roller or brush. They may also require the use of primers, reinforcements and solar reflective or protective finishes.

  • Polyurethane 1K

    Compared to water-based acrylic technology, polyurethane 1K provides a waterproofing solution with increased resistance to water ponding and weathering constraints in general (UV, rain etc.).

    Features & Benefits

    • Robust and resistant
    • One component system
    • Cost effective


    What Is PUR -1K?

    Polyurethane 1K technology provide a robust, durable and cost effective waterproofing system solution. Indeed, the hydrophobic properties of polyurethanes make them a good choice for waterproofing application. The membrane produced will be resistant to mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural element impact. It forms a seamless and flexible but robust waterproofing membrane and is ideal for sealing of roof details, gutters, terraces and balconies.

    PUR -1K Application

    Cold applied liquid solutions based on polyurethane resin are usually applied in two coats with or without a reinforcing fleece in between in a ‘wet-on-wet’ process. The system fully bonds with the substrate and when cured it forms a seamless and robust waterproofing membrane.

    One component polyurethane liquid waterproofing is a ready-to-use product which can be applied onto the substrate directly from the container, without any need for mixing or diluting. It cures with moisture in the air. The coating is vapour permeable, and suitable for use on both new and renovation projects. It is particularly useful for small repairs as it is cost effective and also quick and easy to use.


  • Polyurethane 2K

    Compared to PUR-1K, the polyurethane 2K system has the advantage of being solvent free and providing shorter curing times.

    Features & Benefits

    • Robust and resistant
    • Cost effective
    • Solvent free
    • Low odour


    What Is PUR -2K?

    Polyurethane 2K is a solvent-free, fleece-reinforced waterproofing system based on polyurethane resin. Therefore, it combines the excellent mechanical, chemical and weather resistance of polyurethanes with the benefit of solvent free material. Hence, it is the ideal solution for use on sustainable projects or in sensitive areas of public buildings where the fumes from solvent-based products would be disruptive. It is particularly recommended for applications in nurseries, schools, hospitals, museums, libraries, etc. where odourless solutions are preferred not to disturb the occupants or public traffic.

  • PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate)

    In comparison to polyurethane technology, PMMA provide a waterproofing solution with significantly shorter curing times and increased mechanical properties.

    Features & Benefits

    • Fast curing (trafficable after approximately 1h)
    • Application at low temperature (down to -5C°)
    • Solvent free solution


    What Is PMMA?

    PMMA is a two part methyl methacrylate based acrylic resin, which cures very rapidly once the catalyst is added shortly before the application. Hence, both the installer and the end customer benefit from the labour time reduced to minimum. Within just an hour from the application, the surface is fully waterproof and shortly after this time foot traffic is allowed.

    PMMA liquid applied waterproofing is a cold applied, flame free system consisting of one coat of primer (if required), PMMA resin coating and a reinforcement made of polyester fleece fabric.

    PMMA Waterproofing Applications

    PMMA waterproofing coating provides a uniform seamless membrane and can be applied in cooler seasons at temperature as low as -5°C. The coating will adhere to many common construction materials and almost any properly prepared substrate – steel, concrete, old bitumen roofing, etc. It will provide perfectly seamless, durable and resistant waterproofing membrane even on complex and difficult roofs.

    PMMA acrylic resin is formulated to meet the demands of specific flame-free applications. Not only is it an ideal solution for roof surfaces of all shapes, it is also particularly useful for flashing and details, such as skylights, fans, balconies, railing supports, terraces or roofs with many penetrations. Due to its resistance against root penetration characteristics it can be successfully used for sealing of green roofs.

    Origins Of PMMA Liquid Applied Waterproofing

    Polymethyl methacrylate resins were first synthesized in 1930’s and they quickly made their way to practical applications as the material proved to be exceptionally durable.

    Firstly too rigid to be applied as flexible coating, it took some time before it was used in roof waterproofing. It was in 1970’s that a special PMMA formulation was developed to meet the performance standards of flexible and resilient waterproofing coating.

    Now PMMA advantages are particularly appreciated by roofers and installers on jobs with difficult access, roofs with multiple penetrations, when flame-free application is required and short curing time is essential.

    PMMA liquid roofing solutions are also a perfect choice for areas requiring resistance to certain substances that may negatively affect traditional roofing products: vegetable oils, environmental contaminations, foot traffic, UV impact.

  • Silane Terminated Moisture Curing Technology

    Solvent free technology becomes useful when the absence of hazard and odour becomes critical for the installer and building owner.

    Features & Benefits

    • Non-hazardous product (solvent free / non flammable)
    • Low odour
    • Single step installation / One component system


    What Is Silanes Modified Technology

    Silanes ability to act as coupling agents and crosslinking agents proved to be particularly useful in such products as adhesives and coatings. Due to these properties, liquid waterproofing solutions based on silanes modified technology are characterized by improved adhesion to difficult substrates, water repellency and chemical resistance. Hence silane-modified technology has been successfully used to provide reliable liquid roofing and waterproofing solutions.

    Silanes Modified Technology combines environmentally friendly benefits. The liquid waterproofing system based on this technology is completely solvent free and does not contain any VOC (volatile organic compounds). The absence of solvent or hazardous material as well as low odour may be particularly important during the application, for instance when the system is installed on a public building and no disruption of building occupants is essential.

    Silanes Modified Technology Application

    Solutions based on silanes modified technology are very practical and concentrate on how to eliminate or easily face the application challenges – difficult weather conditions, unpleasant odours or multi-component systems which are more difficult and more time-consuming in installation. In response to these challenges and to meet the needs of installers we developed a very versatile and user-friendly solution. The system can be applied in a single step on a wide range of substrates in very varied climate conditions.

    Its versatility also means it can be applied on flat roofs of all shapes and sizes, from small roofs on private houses through larger residential buildings to vast roofs on commercial projects.

    Depending on the system the solution may combine a primer, liquid coating and a reinforcing fabric plus accessories. When properly applied to substrate, it cures to form an aesthetic seamless and durable waterproofing membrane.

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